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This is a great bible study series from Twin City Fellowship, Minneapolis that Bob Dewaay is a pastor of. There are a few more of these on their website which you can find in my links to the left of this page.  This is a great study of eschatology no matter what your position is on the rapture.  We are all awaiting the return of our risen savior Jesus Christ and no matter the time or the hour that no-one knows, he is coming back and that gives us great hope!

Eschatology is the study of “last things” pertaining to the rapture of the church, resurrection of the dead, 2nd coming of Christ, the kingdom coming to Israel, the eternal state of both the lost and the saved, and the eternal reign of God. This class is being taught by Pastor Eric Douma and the files will be updated weekly.
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Class 1- Introduction to Eschatology

Class 2- The Promise of the Davidic Kingdom