This was written by a guest author, he wrote this about his dear friend and mentor that went home to be with Jesus last week.  Thank you Clint for writing this and allowing me to post it on my blog.

“A Son of Thunder”

By: Clint Baker

This is in memory of Glenn R. 95 years old.  He left this world around 4:10 p.m. on April 22, 2010. Many of you may not even know this man, but let me tell you he was very special. I first met him a little over a year ago in 2009. When I first went into his house and met him for the first time, it was like we had known each other for many years. You could feel the love of Jesus pour out of this man like no other man of God I had ever known before. Glen was very kind, humble and always had a passion for Jesus Christ, like I haven’t seen in a long time. Anybody that he met the first thing he would ask them is do you know about the loving Grace of God. It was hard to get Glenn to talk about much more than Jesus. Glenn was a WWII vet who realized that God had delivered him from death on more than one occasion.

After knowing Glenn and listening to the scriptures pour from his soul without even looking at his Bible, I believe I realize what this scripture means: “A Man after God’s own Heart.” I believe it means much more then we think, Glen was after God’s Heart. When God speaks of David in the Bible and says “That he is a Man after My own Heart”, God meant just that. David was after God’s heart, His pure intimate heart, only if we as Christians could just get hold of this. Glenn really got this; he was “literally” after God’s heart.  As David did, Glenn realized that in human nature we are too weak to do anything without God in our lives. Like David, Glenn had found that special place, at the feet of God to worship Him. Neither of these two men were perfect, but they did realize this. Glenn realized that Jesus had come to set us free from the chains of sin, but he also realized that we still have a sinful nature. Glenn realized that even after starting a relationship with Jesus that the devil would still try to slip sin back into our lives and that sometimes we would fall and give in. But as he told me once, “When you stumble and fall my son and you will, Jesus will be there to catch you and soften your landing and if you will let Him, He will pick you back up, dust you off  with His Grace and Mercy and place you back on that narrow path”. This is the place that King David and Glenn found, they knew they weren’t perfect but they knew that when they fell to sin, they knew to fall at the feet of our merciful Father in Heaven and ask the Master to forgive them and He would. Then He would pick them up dust them off and place them back on that narrow path. Matthew 7:14 says “Narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and few will find it; I believe that this is what King David and Glen had found.  Glenn was a man after God’s heart and God knew that was Glenn’s desire. God knew that when Glenn fell to sin and fell to His knees crying out confessing that he had sinned that he meant it. So Jesus would pick Glenn up, forgive him and understand that he was truly seeking His heart and was truly sorry for committing sin against the Father. That was the special place that Glenn had, it was at the feet of the Almighty God, seeking after His heart.

This is the special place of grace that God talks about, the place where He wants each of us to be so that we can’t be plucked out of His hand.  This is the place where we will never fall away from God’s grace, but we have to truly find this place as King David and Glenn found. It is sad that it took Glenn’s death for me to realize this truth and promise from God.

This along with many other pearls of wisdom, were the things that God used Brother Glenn to teach us young men. His concern was that too many people sitting in the pews of churches across the country were on the wide path to hell. He would always cry and tell us “sons always preach, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” He would go on and say, “Preach all of the cannon of scripture, the loving grace and mercy of God and the loving judging side of God.” He was always concerned that there are so many preachers in the world, too worried about numbers of people in their pews, the amount of money coming in to run their business, making their sermons comfortable for everybody to hear, even the sinners, and how people could call themselves Christians but yet feel no remorse for the sin that they committed daily. Remorse for our sins is truly crying out and truly feeling ashamed before God when we sin, but knowing that if we truly have remorse and repent that our God is Mighty to forgive us of our sins after we humble ourselves before Him and ask Him.

Glenn always went back and forth from Old Testament to New Testament rightly dividing scripture. Always showing us the depth of the love that God has for us, but also showing us the wrath that God has for us if we don’t accepted His Son Jesus as Savior. He always showed us the great Mystery of Jesus throughout the whole Bible. Many time’s Glenn would lay his head back in his chair close his eyes and start reading scripture from memory line by line, never missing a word. He was truly seeking God’s heart. Tears would run down his face as he spoke to us about the love God has for each one of us. There was no doubt in my mind that the Holy Spirit spoke through Glenn to us. I wish I could do our bible studies justice in describing them but I just can’t. Only those who were there will ever be able to comprehend. The Holy Spirit was always present and the funny thing was, we were only 5 to 7 men seeking the truth, not a large congregation of people. We never had to wait on God’s presence; it seemed that His presence was always waiting on us.

If Glenn said it once he said it a hundred times, so I feel this would please him by saying this again: “My sons always preach Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” You could always tell that it stirred each man in the room when he would say this. He would always look at each of us with such emotion and say: “Oh, I pray that you young group of men will rise up and become “”Son’s of Thunder”” for Jesus and His truth.” Seeing the humble look on each of the men’s faces when he would say this was very moving. Each one of those men had more humility, love and compassion for the true gospel of Jesus Christ than I had seen in a long while. God raised the bar for me with this group and since 2009 I have started to see a few more men that stand on every promise that has been made by God in His word. Most of them by the world’s standards have small churches, but they preach the unwavering truth from their pulpit and have a much more spiritually strong congregation than those with thousands in attendance. Why, because they are preaching the true gospel of Jesus.

You see that is what Glenn wanted, and I believe it is the same thing God wants for young men to rise up and become “Son’s of Thunder” once again for the true gospel of Jesus our Christ. To stand firmly on God’s Word and never waver, to never compromise any area of God’s word so not to offend, never to pervert any of God’s word and to always preach Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, whether it is the Judge and wrathful God or the Graceful and merciful God. Both have to be preached for the full gospel to be heard and understood. Glenn and I talked alone, not many days before his death. He told me that “there were too many Charlatans and ear tickling preachers in the pulpit today”. He said, “What God wants is men to preach the true gospel.” He went on to say, “That the full gospel of Jesus is offensive to those who aren’t saved from the pits of hell or those who are living in sin.” Glenn never minced words, he knew time was running short for him, so I believe God used every word spoken by Glenn to pierce deep into the hearts, of those who had the pleasure to be with him in his final days.

It amazed me that even the week before his death he still wanted us to gather at his bedside in the living room of his house to learn God’s word. We all sang “Amazing Grace” and Glen continued to share his knowledge of the scriptures while resting in his hospital bed.  At one time he rejoiced saying, “Look how the Lord has blessed me with all you angels!” The love of Jesus was visible in Glenn and as one of the men said, “It was the love of Jesus that brought us all together in that little house.” I didn’t get to attend the last study night with Glenn the evening before he died, but I was told it was just as special as the rest. I did however get to stop by his house after work that day and see him one last time. It was short but very special. He was gasping for breath; you could hear the fluid in his lungs. As I held his hand and talked to him, he still tried to talk to me, I couldn’t understand him but I am sure it was about Jesus, the love of his life. I told him not to speak, he didn’t have to, he had said it all. You could still see the love of Jesus in his blue eyes and the sparkle of the Master’s Spirit in him. As I tried to leave he squeezed my hand and looked at me trying to say something. I couldn’t hear him but I understood what he wanted, I asked him, “Do you want me to pray with you before I leave,” he nodded his head yes, so we prayed. As I prayed he squeezed ever so tightly to my hand. The Holy spirit lead me to pray that Glenn was ready to come home to be with Jesus and if it be God’s Will take him into His arms. As I prayed Glenn squeezed harder and tears ran down his face and mine. I looked at him and again with that love of Jesus spilling out of him he nodded his head yes, confirming with me that he was in agreement with the prayer.  Glenn was very special as you all have seen and words cannot express the gratitude I have for being able to share the last year and days of his life with him. I learned more of God’s love and His word in that year than in any church building I had ever attended. I will surely miss you Glenn, but rejoice and look forward to the day that we all reunite in heaven to worship the Master that you so lovingly taught us about.

The final moments of Glenn’s life were fitting to the life he lived for Jesus! I was not there, but was told how it ended. Someone was sitting with him and read the 23rd Psalm out loud, and just seconds after they finished, Glenn took his final breath and went on to the loving arms of Jesus. There is so much more, but this is just a few of the things Glenn was faithful over and I think that speaks volumes about who he was. Glenn wasn’t a pastor of a big church or a missionary that traveled the world. He was much more; he shared the Gospel of Jesus with everyone in his path. He was just a very humble man with the love of Jesus flowing out of him. I know without a shadow of doubt in my mind Jesus looked him in those blue eyes and said “Well done my good and faithful servant you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.”

Until we meet again Brother Glenn in Heaven,