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I am very concerned about the amount of Christians that are flocking to these Super Prophetic, Open Heaven, come get your Glory on conferences.  I hear of otherwise intelligent people who are getting caught in this snare.  There is no easy way to say this but folks, THESE CONFERENCES ARE NOT BIBLICAL! We saw the same kind of things going on during the Lakeland Revival with super false prophet Todd Bentley.  We now have a new golden boy that James Goll has recently ordained names Matt Sorger.  Folks there are testimonies upon testimonies of people that were sucked in by Todd and the Lakeland Revival that are having serious problems.  There are no documented miracles that came out of that revival, nothing but lying signs and wonders came out of the Lakeland Revival, these folks are operating under another Jesus, a false Jesus.

In the coming weeks I am going to be posting some things to show those of you that may not realize the danger behind all this, some of this will be disturbing, some of it a lot of you may have already seen.  I am also going to post an article I wrote while the Lakeland Revival was in full swing and people from my old church were running down there and my Pastor was promoting it.  Needless to say I left that church, if a pastor can’t guard his flock any better than that, well you get the point!  Please if you are attending one of these conferences or a church that is hosting one, pay attention to the things I am going to post in the coming days and pray to God for discernment.