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I’ve been thinking a lot about worship and what it means to worship in spirit and in truth.  Is worship flag waving, hand raising, singing a song, dancing at the altar?  It’s none of those things.  Make no mistake though, it is perfectly fine to raise your hand, sing  a song etc. but that is not worship.  Worship is so much more than that.  Worship is a life, a life surrendered totally dependent on Jesus while keeping his commands and renewing your mind with his word.  Worship is about how you live every minute of the day, and not about how you participate at church.  Worship is how you treat people, how you act, what you think about, what or who you talk about,  what you do and how you do it.  Do you really think you are glorifying God by waving a flag then going to dinner and being rude to your waitress?  How about standing with your hands in the air at the altar and not living for Jesus or talking about Him the remainder of the week?  How about singing and dancing before the Lord and leaving your bible in the back of your car until you go to church again?  I really think God would rather us worship Him with every fiber of our being every minute of every day and in all that we do rather than putting on a show for other people and giving Him lip service.  Again there is nothing wrong with singing and raising your hands if you are worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth the rest of the week.


Here is a short audio clip (click on the link below)  from John MacArthur that I listened to a few days ago, I started writing this over a week ago because this topic kept coming up and then John MacArthur posted this on Grace to you so I knew it was Something I needed to hear and share!

What Constitutes True Worship?