Why do I blog?  Why do I spend hours every week to post things on this blog?  Why do I spend hours every week that I could be doing something much more fun writing articles some of which nobody will ever see because some of them aren’t very good?  Why do I spend hours every week reading other blogs to keep informed and share some of their articles on my blog.  Why do I do all this?

I will tell you, it is not my ministry and quite frankly I hate that term, I used to be in full time ministry, volunteer ministry and it was hell on earth and completely taxing on my family.  This is not a platform for me to feel good about myself, to be puffed up about.  I did not create a blog because I like to argue or debate people although sometimes that is inevitable and I hate debating people because it is much like arguing.  I did not create this blog to bash any person place or thing but to call attention to false teaching and error.

I did create this blog to help others that are where I once was, alone, confused, deceived and scared.  I created this blog to be a place where others could understand what’s wrong with Church as we now know it.  I want others to have a place to talk to and share with people that have been where they are, when I left my church it was one of the loneliest and scariest times of my life and I didn’t know if I was even doing the right thing or not at the time.  However the farther away I get from “Christian city” the more I realize I did make the right decision to leave and follow Jesus down that narrow path.  I also wanted this to be a blog where I could warn others of the dangers that are lurking out there in “Christian City”.

As I approach my blog’s 3 month birthday on July 1st I want to thank everyone who has commented, visited or read something on my blog.  I pray that something here has either helped, touched, taught or encouraged you and I pray that God will give me the time, strength and grace to continue with this blog only as long as He wills me to do it.  Most of all I pray that I can glorify Jesus Christ my savior with everything I do on this blog.  Thank you Jesus, may I never bring reproach to your name.