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This is a testimony from a dear sweet sister in Christ that visits my blog from time to time.  Mama Harper from over at Scattered Sheep posted this and I wanted to share it here as well.   Thank you so much Peazy for sharing your story, God Bless you my sweet sister!

This is from our Beautiful Sister in Christ, Peazy. Peazy’s story is so much like mine and Kari’s and many of the folks who visit our humble little blog. Even though Satan would have loved to have kept us all in the darkness of deception, our Heavenly Father in His Grace allowed us to see the truth and come out of the deception of the Charismatic Church. Thank you Peazy for your wonderful testimony, we love you and appreciate you sharing your story. These kind of stories are why we blog.

From Peazy:

I wanted to send you a note this evening, to say how much I appreciate you gals reaching out to me.
I have felt very alone lately, with only Hubby to talk to about spiritual things. I spent alot of time
putting together my blog. Looking back now, I realize that it was for my own sanity that I did it. All that
time of studying truths that I found on the internet and posting them into my blog, was like a tornado
of truth colliding with a tornado of error, within myself. The truth that I welcomed into my heart, with
it’s amazing power, dismantled many pillars of error within me. I was a charismatic for many years.
Up to almost a year ago, just prior to God showing me all of the error that I walked in, I truly believed
that I had the gift of prophecy, tongues, interpretation of dreams etc. Around a year ago,
I began to study the word of faith movement, the signs and wonders movement, and so forth.
There were many many questions that I had, regarding all of this supposed phenomenon.

Around 6 months ago, I came across Pastor MacArthur’s site and decided to listen to a few sermons,
I was so leery and untrusting at that time. I really enjoyed his teachings and had never heard this
kind of teaching before. I have stayed with him ever since and was listening to 2-5 sermons a day
for awhile. I thank God for his teachings.

Around the same time frame, I left the Baptist Church that I had been attending for around 3 yrs in town.
I went on Sunday and also to Thursday morning ladies Bible study. One Thursday morning, when
we all had come in and setting down, the leader announced, that we would be trying something new. She
handed out booklets by an author named, John Ortberg. And then proceeded to turn on the video that
went along with the booklet. I paged through the booklet as I sat there and felt a sickly feeling inside as
I noticed that a lot of words like, repentance, cross, forgiveness ect., were replaced with other words
such as mistakes instead of sins, up there instead of heaven and so forth. I made up my mind during
that mornings study, to walk out and never to come back.

About a week later, I found some information on the internet, regarding the emergent movement, of which,
I really was clueless at that time. I printed it out and took it in to give it to and talk to the asst. Pastor.
I really fumbled with my words and felt so awkward as I tried to share with him, the dangers of the
emergent movement. He said, he had never even heard of it and that he would read what I brought in and
get back to me. As I left his office, I looked at a large table that was filled with emergent studies by various
teachers. I also called the lady who runs the Thursday morning study and tried to talk to her about all of this.
She also never heard of the emergent movement and didn’t see anything wrong with the video series.
I left that church and decided to try the sister church, a lot smaller, out here in the country, where we live.

I attended the ladies Bible study and found Beth Moore teachings there. I went to 3 of those and then left
that church as well. That was around 6 months ago, I think.

So, for now hubby and I are home, listening to sermons online and reading our Bibles, which is fine.
The oddest thing is that I went to the larger church in town around 3 yrs and have yet to get 1 phone call
from anyone as to why I left or how I am doing. But, it’s all for the good, I truly believe that. And hold
no hard feelings to anyone in either churches.

Thank you for taking the time to hear me….
Love in Christ…peazy