Lately I have been overwhelmingly burdened for my children.  My 17 year old son is an atheist, he says he doesn’t believe in God as he once did.  My son’s friends are very anti-God and claim to be God-free on their myspace pages etc.  It is very troubling to me, I want more than anything for my children to Love the Lord with all that they have and with all that they are.  But at the same time I have to place all my trust in Jesus and I even have to trust Him with my children.  I have to have hope and faith and believe that one day He will reach my son.  My daughter is a pre-teen and my prayer for her is that once she enters middle school that she won’t cross over into unbelief like my son has, I pray that she keeps her innocence and her love for Jesus.

We have a couple of old hymn books that we have found while antiquing and I am going to post some of these old hymn’s in the weeks to come.  Today I will start with one called “Our Children”.


Standing forth on life’s rough way, Father guide them; Oh! we know not

what of harm May betide them; ‘Neath the shadow of Thy wing,

Father, hide them; Waking, sleeping, Lord, we pray, Go beside them.

When in prayer they cry to Thee, Thou wilt hear them; From the stains of

sin and shame, Thou wilt   clear them; ‘Mid the quick sands and the rocks,

Thou wilt steer them; In temptation, trial, grief, Be Thou near them.

Unto Thee we give them up, Lord, receive them; In the world we

know  must be Much to grieve them Many striving oft and strong

To deceive them; Trustful, in Thy hands of love We must leave them.

William Bryant, R.Lowry

Copyright 1875, By Biglow and Main p.129 of Brightest and Best