I recently saw a good post about a Practical Bible Reading Plan over on the Faith Defenders blog that I thought I would try.  I have never seen a bible reading plan quite like this one, instead of reading book by book you are in a different book every day of the week with a different topic every day of the week and it goes from Sunday to Sunday.  You can also tweak this plan to fit your schedule or preference.   I have been using this plan for a week now, I just started my second week yesterday and so far I like this plan.  I have to be honest as a busy wife and full time stay at home mom I need some structure when it comes to bible study and daily reading.  I have been looking forward to my reading time each day with this new structured plan.  I have always been one that is overwhelmed when it comes to making  a decision about what to read from my bible each day.

If any of you would like to try this plan here is the link: 52 week bible reading plan you can read right from the website from several different versions or you can click on the adobe acrobat that gives you a pdf format that you can print off and keep in your bible.