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Lately I have discovered that some of the things I post on my blog are making some people uncomfortable.  There are some people who are assuming I am pointing fingers and coming against certain ministries and churches.  I want to clarify that I’m not coming against anyone and I haven’t for the record named any names of local pastor’s or churches and I don’t intend to now or in the future.  The only names I have named are large well known widespread ministries and churches.  I am not coming against them either, I am simply presenting the facts, I have not posted anything here that is not true.  I have posted articles on various teaching’s that go against what the bible teaches.  I have also shared a bit of my experience to help others but I have not and will not name the churches that I have had these experiences in, I don’t think it’s necessary.

I believe in Sola Scriptura, scripture alone, I believe that the bible is the only inspired and authoritative word of GodI believe Jesus speaks to us through His word, we are given pastors, bishops and teachers to disciple us and teach us the truth of God’s word and not what their interpretation or opinion of what that word means based on their visions, dreams and revelations they say come from God.  There is no way to verify the validity of their visions, dreams and revelations other than their word so lets just rely on what God has already laid down in His word by the prophets and apostles of the bible and Jesus His son.

The bible gives us countless warnings about false teachers and false Christs, warnings about avoiding deception.  We have to be diligent about testing who teaches us and what we are taught, we can’t just take for granted that the nice man behind the pulpit is telling us the truth, no matter how long he went to seminary, how long he has been preaching or how long he has been studying the bible.  We have to test what they teach us, we have to be students of God’s word and study it for ourselves so that we will know when someone teaches us something that isn’t so.  When you study Gods’ word and someone teaches something that isn’t so  Holy Spirit will bring it to your remembrance and you are to throw out anything that isn’t so. There are a lot of pastor’s that teach that if you question their teaching you are touching God’s anointed, that you can’t question what they teach because they are the anointed man of God, this is not so dear ones. How can you know if you are being deceived or not if you don’t check?  When you test someones teaching you aren’t judging them, you are testing their teaching to see if it is so.  Don’t take thier word for what the bible says, look and see what God says in His word, these people are just people they are fallible but God is not, put your trust in Jesus not men.  And if your pastor won’t listen to your concerns or warnings you need to find a pastor that will listen.  Pastor’s should be open to correction and if they aren’t there is likely a pride problem, a superiority complex and those are not qualities a pastor should possess.    I’m not saying that we have to agree with every single thing our pastor teaches, there are some issues that are not unto salvation but those things that are vital to the Christian faith are not to be compromised on.  I’m also aware that no church is perfect but we should try to find one that has expository preaching of the whole council of God’s word.  We shouldn’t ever pick a church because of the music or the fun activities they offer, but we should look for a church based on what  they teach you.

I write this with all sincerity and love, my prayer is that people will open their eyes and ears to the truth of God’s word, that people will come out of deception and follow the true Jesus of the bible.  It grieves my heart and saddens me that there are so many people who accept false teaching and get angry at those that are trying to warn them of the danger ahead. Please dear ones I beg you don’t wait until it’s too late and Jesus says “depart from me I never knew you”, seek Him right now while he may still be found, make sure that the Jesus you know is the Jesus of the bible.  Take the things I have said to you into consideration, pray and ask Jesus to lead you in the way of everlasting, ask him to reveal to you the things that are wrong, ask him to give you wisdom and discernment, tell him you don’t want to be a part of anything that is not of him. There is too much at stake to be lackadaisical about this. I know how hard it is to find out you are deceived and make a decision to leave a church because you have discovered there is too much error to accept, when you realize you are picking out bones but there is no meat and you are starving for discipleship and true meat of God’s word, I know I have been there.  So please please I beg you to evaluate what you are being taught, and check yourself too, read the book of James and test yourself.  I’m praying for you all!

Blessings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord