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I saw this great little piece by Charles Spurgeon over on Providence Chapel blog that I visit from time to time, it’s a great blog so check it out some time.( My words are in purple and Spurgeon’s are in gray at the bottom, just so you won’t be confused.)
There are Christians out there that almost desire to be a martyr, that beat themselves up if they are not suffering, like somehow they aren’t worthy of their salvation if they don’t do something to earn it.  They have the idea that if they suffer more, are holier, do more works that they are more worthy of salvation.  Our salvation is a gift and there is nothing that we can do to be worthy of that gift or work for that gift, Jesus already did it all and He was the only one that could.
There may come a day that I have to suffer persecution and tribulation but I’m not asking for it and I’m not looking forward to it and I don’t desire it one bit.  If I have a close walk with Jesus he will prepare me beforehand for anything that he requires of me, He isn’t going to put me through something that He hasn’t prepared me for.  I’m not looking for suffering and tribulation, I’m keeping my eyes on Jesus and looking for Him, period!  Trusting Jesus is all I can do to be preparedMatthew 6:25-34 is a great example of not worrying and trusting in Jesus. So if you are not suffering tribulation just be grateful and thank Jesus that you aren’t.

If you are free from severe tribulation, then never ask for it; that would be a great folly. I did meet with a brother a little while ago who said that he was much perplexed because he had no troubles. I said, “Do not worry about that ; but be happy while you may.”

Only a weird child would beg to be flogged. Certain sweet and shining saints are of such a gentle spirit that the Lord does not expose them to the same treatment as he metes out to others: they do not need it, and they could not bear it; why should they wish for it?

-Charles Spurgeon