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I posted this back in April and I wanted to re-post it today because there are so many Christians who are under the misconception that believers are not to judge anything.  That isn’t true!  There are guidelines in God’s word about what we are to judge and what we aren’t to judge.  We are never ever to accept the teaching of anyone without testing it and questioning it and if it’s wrong not accepting it!  Some would think I have gone too far with this blog, they think I am somehow touching God’s anointed by posting articles that call out some of the false teachers and movements of our day.  Isn’t it ironic that the very men who are peddling these false teachings also tell you if you question them you are touching God’s anointed, they don’t want you to question them but you are told to do so in God’s word.  The articles I have posted and comments that have been made don’t question the style, mannerisms, personal life or  intent  of these people.  These are public ministries so we are within our bounds to discuss them publicly.

Are believer’s in Jesus Christ called to judge other Christians? Pastor’s? These great podcasts exegete Matthew Chapter 18 and these issues.