“Sin in a Christian is quite as much sin as it is in anybody else! Indeed, it is a great deal more sinful, for never does a black stain seem so black as when it falls on spotlessly white linen—and never is sin as sinful as when it is committed by one who is greatly loved by the Lord and is the subject of peculiar favor.” Spurgeon—Volume 51, Sermon #2933


“He that desires to give proof that he is a believer, should walk in the steps of Zaccheus. Like him, let him thoroughly renounce the sins which have formerly most easily beset him. Like him, let him follow the Christian graces which he has formerly most habitually neglected. In any case, a believer should so live that all may know that he is a believer. Faith that does not purify the heart and life, is not faith at all. Grace that cannot be seen, like light – and tasted, like salt, is not grace, but hypocrisy. The man who professes to know Christ and trust Him, while he cleaves to sin and the world, is going down to hell with a lie in his right hand. The heart that has really tasted the grace of Christ, will instinctively hate sin.” J.C. Ryle Expository Thoughts on the Gospels: Luke volume 2