Speaking of Praying for the Pastor, everyone please keep Pastor Bob Dewaay in your prayers, several sources on facebook including his friend Chris Rosebrough are  asking everyone to pray for Bob, he is very sick and it is very serious and they are not sure what is wrong.  So please keep this precious brother in Christ in your prayers!

“Lord, help us who cannot preach to pray for the man who does! Have you, dear Friend, who cannot preach, made a point of
praying for the pastor of the Church to which you belong? It is a great sin on the part of Church members if they do not daily
sustain their pastor by their prayers!”—1892, Sermon #2261
“I like to see a man keep to the old things, but even in doing so he may make a mistake, for there may be old things that can be
supplanted by newer and better things. Keep your eyes lifted up to God, with whom nothing is old, and nothing is new! Wait at
His footstool. Submit your heart, like a tablet, for Him to write upon it all His instructions. And then do as He has said.”—1892,
Sermon #2280
“But the Lord’s Supper is as much needed for the sake of others. We are to show Christ’s death that others may know about it,
that others may be impressed by it, that others may be saved by it!”—1893, Sermon #2307

Obtained from The Spurgeon Archive