Wow, where has November gone?  Our Thanksgiving holiday is almost over.  My husband and children have all had the week off from work and school, we have enjoyed having time together without rushing here and there and doing homework and going to bed early.  This is how I like it, living at a slower pace.

You know I think the enemy likes for us to get too busy because it seems that when we are too busy we neglect our time with the Lord.  We find ourselves too busy to pray or read our bibles and it has an adverse effect on us as Christians.  Our lives should not be so busy that Jesus gets pushed to the bottom of the to do list, we need to make time to spend with Him daily.  I look so forward to days off from school and work to spend quality time with my family, but I want to spend time with them every day, not just when their schedules aren’t full and I believe our Father in Heaven wants some quality time with us every day too.  So today I am thankful for quality time spent with my family and quality time spent with the Lord.  I want this to be a priority every day, even the busy days!