Hello everyone!  I have to apologize for the sporadic blogging I have been doing the past few months, I promise I have not abandoned my blog!  I have had a busy new year!  The first Sunday of the new year my family and I were baptized and became members of our church Elizabeth Baptist in Bancroft WV.  We are so thankful that the Lord has led us to Elizabeth where we are learning so much and meeting some wonderful people.  We are truly blessed, this was an answer to much prayer and I thank and praise you Lord for you are faithful, you have guided our steps and you have answered our prayers.

I am going to be posting sermons from our Sunday night teaching series on the book of Daniel, as Pastor Jeff Arthur goes through and teaches from the book of Daniel.  I am really exited to dig in to God’s word and study through this book, I hope you will enjoy it too.

Daniel Chapter 1 Elizabeth Baptist Church~Pastor Jeff Arthur