This is a really good sermon on “The Flood and Baptism” that I listened to the other night, I hope you guys will all take a listen when you get a chance, it is really good.  There are a lot of folks who believe the story of the flood proves that water baptism saves us, that it is part of salvation.  While baptism is necessary and extremely important for a believer to do it is not part of salvation, the water doesn’t wash away our sins, nor does it allow us to wash our sins away in the blood of the lamb.  When a believer steps into the water of baptism he or she is already washed in the blood of the lamb, baptism is an outward picture of what has already occurred, it is a picture of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, it is a public profession of our faith.  It is no more than that and no less than that.  Noah and his family were saved by the ark that they were abiding in for a week before the flood waters ever came.  For more listen to this sermon.

The Flood and Baptism ~ Pastor Jeff Arthur ~ Elizabeth Baptist Church ~

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