This is a link to an article on Lighthouse Trails blog concerning Walk to Emmaus and it’s contemplative spirituality.

Walk to Emmaus – A Walk to Contemplative Spirituality.

Here is another article that is very informative about Contemplative Spirituality, this explains very well what the difference between contemplative prayer and biblical prayer is, it gives you definitions of some of the other aspects of this Contemplative Spirituality such as meditation, visualization, etc..  This article also gives a list of some of the people that promote this, as well as gives advice on what to do if you have been involved in this.  They do recommend that you only use the King James version of the bible, while I believe it is a great translation I also believe there are some other translations that are fine, however I would caution people to not use the Message or the NIV.  I prefer the NKJV and I like the ESV and NASB as well.

Contemplative Prayer

Seducing Spirits and a Doctrine of Devils (click here for article)

By Christine A. Narloch