Great article from Lighthouse Trails on the Rick Warren, Tony Blair Global Peace Plan.  Look up kids for I believe very soon your redemption draweth nigh.  There is nothing left on the calendar but for king Jesus to return, all the pieces are already in place, read your bible’s in light of history, Antichrist is already here and has been here for a very long time.  Look no further than that little horn making great claims about himself, the holy father, the vicar of christ.  Vicar in Latin meaning instead of, in Greek meaning anti, how much more clear can the instead of anti christ be?  The office of the papacy is your anti-christ, not an individual but the office of.  Listen to the sermon series on my blog on the study of Daniel.

Eye-Witness Account: Global Peace Forum at Saddleback with Rick Warren and Tony Blair Raises Serious Questions About Global Peace Plan.

Here is another great article from that explains Romes mission to make all Christians Catholic.  The Catholic church has already made war against the saints of God and continues to do so through her false teaching today and who knows what extremes she will go to in the future.  The papacy put to death more than 50 million people during the inquisitions who would not convert.  That my friends is more than Hitler but we never speak of the atrocities committed by the Papacy, she still has the same goals as she did during the inquisitions, she has not changed!