This is a post that I write with a very heavy heart, as a matter of fact I would rather not write this post but I know I must.  I used to do Beth Moore bible studies, read her books, even went to one of her conferences, and while I did learn some things from her I came to learn of her unbiblical slide into contemplative prayer, Word of Faith teachings and self help psychobabble.  I started to question after going to several of her bible studies, why do I have to keep digging up the same old bones of my past, dealing with them and re-burying them again?  I started to question, if Jesus saved me and cleansed me and forgave me and set me free, then why do I need to pull myself up out of the pit?  Was his grace sufficient for me or not?  It was very hard for me to come to terms with the truth and walk away from a teacher that I loved,  but I love Christ and the truth of his word more.

About a week ago I visited The Watchman’s Bagpipes blog, who has some  good articles about Beth Moore’s teaching, and he had a link to a blog called The End Time that has two very good series on Beth Moore.  One is Troubled by Beth Moore’s Teaching Parts 1-7  and the other is Beth Moore: Reactions to Living Proof Teaching in Charlotte Parts 1-4.  The author of this blog is a woman and she does a great job showing us what is wrong with Beth’s teaching.  I do want to point out that while these were great articles and the author is right on the money with examining Beth’s teaching, she does take issue with Beth’s appearance, mannerisms and delivery which I think are neither here nor there  so please don’t let that keep you from reading on. 

Please do read what she has to say in these articles and pray and ask the Lord to lead you and guide you in his truth, because his truth is all that really matters.  And be advised, I will not argue with anyone about this in the comment section, I am not a Beth hater, I love Beth Moore and I pray that God will open her eyes.  If someone has some sincere questions or comments I will post them and discuss them but I won’t approve any hater comments from groupies.  To read the articles click on the underlined titles above, they will link you to them.