I’ve been thinking a lot about how far removed from Jesus and biblical, historical, true Christianity these larger than life superstar pastors are.  There is nothing humble, decreased or lowly about these Mega-Pastors that are at the helm of Mega churches.  Some of the things I saw being done for these pastors when I went to a church like this made me take notice and begin to wonder just who is being served, Christ or man?  There really isn’t much humility or decreasing going on when you have people to shine your shoes, wash your car, heat up and pull around your car to the door, carry your belongings around and be there to hand you a handkerchief every time you need one.  Nor is there much decreasing when the deacons wash the feet of the pastor.  Would this be behavior that Jesus would display, that of a celebrity, a rock star, an earthly king?   Absolutely not!  Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, not the other way around.  So ask yourself, does the man behind your pulpit emulate and follow the lowly Jesus, decreasing so that Jesus may increase or is he on a pedestal increasing while Jesus decreases?  Oh yes I know, they say “it’s all about Jesus” but what do their actions tell you?  I always tell my kids and my husband that words don’t really mean much it’s the actions behind those words that tell the real story.  Actions really do speak louder than words.  So lets ask ourselves today, is it really all about Jesus in our churches, or is it all about our pastor?  And lets not stop there, is my life all about Jesus or is it all about me?  Is my life decreasing so Jesus can increase?

This is a great post by Mike Ratliff over at Christian research Network that I read this morning.
He Must Increase But I must Decrease

ἐκεῖνον δεῖ αὐξάνειν, ἐμὲ δὲ ἐλαττοῦσθαι. (John 3:30 NA27)

It is necessary for Him to increase, but for me to decrease. (a personal translation of John 3:30 from the NA27 Greek text)

We often think that false doctrine concerning the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will begin with denials of His deity or the fall of man et cetera. Consider this my brethren. All it takes to get the gospel wrong is to make the focus of it man rather than the glory of the Father through the glorification of the Son as He lived that sinless life and through that perfect obedience became the propitiation for those He came to save. Then he deliberately laid down His life to be that perfect sacrifice on their behalf. He went to that cross so that those chosen before the foundation of the world, given to the Son by the Father, are given eternal life when they believe the Gospel in repentance turning to Christ as Lord as Saviour. At that moment, the Father imputes Christ’s perfect obedience and perfect righteousness to their account. However, during our Lord’s earthly ministry, those who followed Him as well as those who opposed Him did not see this at all. Jesus came to reveal the Father to the lost sheep of Israel, but most of them rejected the message. It was not until our Lord rose from the dead three days after dying on that Cross that He opened the minds of His disciples so that they could understand Sacred Scripture and then know the truth of His true mission and what the gospel is all about. Yes, when the gospel is handled correctly, people are saved and brought into the Kingdom, but the purpose is the glory of God. John the Baptist understood that perfectly.

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