I have been reading “The Precious Things Of God” by Octavius Winslow 1859 every night on my Kindle before I go to bed.  This is a really good book that I downloaded for free but for the life of me I don’t remember where I downloaded it or if it was a temporary free download.  Regardless of if  it is free or not this book is worth reading!  I want to share a small portion with you that I read last night.  I was thinking while I was reading this of a dear friend who has had a tough time lately and needs prayer and how much this would encourage my friend.  I was so thankful to have read it, so many people are going through a tough time, sometimes we do want to throw up our hands and say “okay, enough already, I surrender, how much more can I take?”  I know we have all been there and some are there now and it’s hard to be there, but you are not there alone!  Jesus is there with you!

Psalm 107:29  He maketh the storm a calm so that the waves thereof are still.   

The Precious Things

In the hour of adversity, of trial, of sorrow, oh, how precious is Christ in the experience of the believer!  It would seem, beloved, as though we had never really known Him until then.  Certainly, we never knew from experience that there was so much that was human, tender, and compassionate in His heart until sorrow touched our own.  We had no conception what a fount of sympathy was there.  A new band in your path, a new epoch in our history, or a new stage in your journey, has frosted with the snowflake and swept with the storm-blast of winter, the entire landscape of life; fortune gone, friends removed, health failing, poverty threatening, need pressing.  Oh how dreary and lonely seems the path you tread!  But pause- it is not all winter!  Jesus approaches!  He unveils a bosom once pierced, shows a heart once sad, and drawing you within it’s blest pavilion, hides you from the wind and covers you from the tempest.  you never thought Jesus had a heart of such exquisite tenderness until now.

I do but give utterance to the experience of many a timid believer, many an afflicted Christian, when I say that, looking back upon all the way the Lord our God has led us, we can thank Him for the swelling surge, can bless Him for the wintry blast, can praise Him for the falling blow that veiled the sky, and draped the landscape, and smote the idol, since that was the suitable occasion of making the Savior better known to you, and of endearing him unutterably to your heart!

“You have known my soul in adversities.”  And that adversity was the time in which you were more fully brought to know Him.  Chastening seasons are teaching seasons; suffering times are Christ-endearing times; trying dispensations are purifying processes in the experience of the godly.  The whirlwind that swept over you has but cleared your sky and made it all the brighter, but deepened your roots and made them all the firmer.  Earth may have lost a tie, but heaven has gained an attraction.  The creature has left a blank, but Christ has come and filled it.  Set back has made you poor, but the treasures of divine love have enriched you.  In the Lord Jesus you have more than found the loved on you have lost; and if in the world you have encountered tribulation, in him you have found peace.  O sweet sorrow!  O sacred grief, that enthrones and enshrines my Savior more pre-eminently and deeply in my soul!