There are so many decisions to make where our children are concerned before we even give birth to that precious bundle we have had to make many decisions.  Some of these decisions are very hard to make and some parents depending on their income level may not have as many choices as parents who have more income and single parents may have even less choices.  I am sure that most parents want to do what is best for their child in every decision they make for them.  A parents decisions can be guided by many factors such as money or religious belief.  Being a Christian myself I know that it is at times very hard to make decisions for your children that are in line with what the bible teaches us.  As Christian parents we want more than anything for our children to love God and live a life that is pleasing to him.  One of the biggest decisions a parent makes in the life of their child is where to send them to school, is it best to send them to public school, private school, Christian school or homeschool?

When I made this decision for my first child we only had one option, we had to send him to public school.  There simply was no other way with both of us working and not bringing in enough for private schooling.  This was the best decision for our family.

When my second child came along our situation was a little different, I became a stay-at -home mom, so we had a few more choices.  When she started school I could have home-schooled or I could have gone back to work to pay for private school.  After much thought we decided to send our second child to public school.  Home-schooling has never been an option for us for many reasons it just doesn’t work for us, going back to work with small children was also not an option because I wanted to be here with my children when they were home.  We made the best decision possible for our family, for our children.

So do we love our children any less because we send them to the government run sin riddled public school?  Absolutely not!!  I have heard so many negative things about sending kids to public school from well meaning Christian parents who have chosen to send their kids to Christian school or have chosen to home-school.  First of all I think it’s wonderful when a parent can afford to send their child to private school and I think it’s wonderful when a parent can home-school their child or children.  Hats off to you moms and dads who stay home and teach your kids, you are exceptional women and men!!  But please stop turning your nose up in judgement of those of us who send our kids to public school!!  No not all of you do it, but many do.  Christian school and home-schooling are no guarantee that you will produce a God fearing disciple of Christ and sending a child to public school is no guarantee that you will end up with a sinful juvenile delinquent either.  There are pros and cons for all of these methods of schooling, there is no perfect or more Christian way to do it.   It is a decision that every parent has to make for their children and their family and we should all be kind and support each other in this decision instead of bashing one another for the choices we have made for our families.  The important thing to remember is that we have to  pray for our kids, teach our children the things of God at home and church, be a living breathing Godly example, and most of all trust God to lead your child in the way of everlasting!!