This is an excellent article that I read this morning written by J.C. Ryle posted on Apprising Ministries website MAINTAIN PURITY OF THE GOSPEL.  Just click on the bold link in red for the article.
I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately, should we keep the peace and all get along and not make waves or do we maintain the purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ?  Are we to sit idle and say nothing when we know someone is preaching a false gospel?  Are we to sit under a false teacher week after week and never question him as to why he is teaching this falsehood and never leave his “covering”?  The answer is no!  We should never accept a false gospel, no matter how much we love the pastor or teacher.  Make that decision today to not stand for anything short of the truth of God’s word, Paul didn’t stand for false teaching and he preached against it so why shouldn’t we do the same?  My family and I had to make the decision to walk away from false teaching, it was not easy to do but we knew we could no longer sit under anything less than the truth.  People will lie about you, talk about you, shun you and practically hate you, you will be thought of as an enemy but count it all joy my friends when you are persecuted for the faith.  You will never regret walking away from false teaching and following Jesus down that narrow path.

I leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Charles Spurgeon.

“The age extols no virtue so much as “liberality,” and condemns no vice so fiercely as bigotry, alias honesty. If you believe anything and hold it firmly, all the dogs will bark at you. Let them bark: they will have done when they are tired! You are responsible to God, and not to mortal men. Christ came into the world to bear witness to the truth, and he has sent you to do the same; take care that you do it, offend or please; for it is only by this process that the kingdom of Christ is to be set up in the world.”
-Charles Spurgeon-