Photo taken @ Ocracoke June 2011

For the past three years my family has vacationed on the Outer banks of North Carolina.  Our first time there was 2009 and to date it was the best vacation we have ever been on, not that we have been on that many vacations.  I never understood the appeal, I wondered what the big deal was after all it’s just a beach right?  I would hear people talk about how much they loved the OBX and see the OBX stickers and license plates on people’s cars.  I had to find out, give it a shot and if we don’t like it we never have to go back.  Our first time we only stayed for 3 nights and that wasn’t enough.  I found out what the appeal was, this place has a way of stealing your heart and has a way of making you long to return.

I found out that the Outer Banks isn’t just a strip of beaches it’s much more than that.  There is nothing like driving down Hwy 12 with the windows down, salt air blowing on your face while your cares fade away, or standing on a deserted beach (not all of them are like this) where there are no houses or buildings at sunrise watching the dolphins jumping and the Atlantic ocean crashing against the shore.   Nothing but dunes, beach and water as far as you can see.  Standing on that shore you feel so small, just another small part of God’s creation and you truely get a sense of how big God is.

I have a favorite stretch of beach South of Nags Head that I like to go to and I could spend hours and hours walking the beach, I describe this place as eerily peaceful especialy at dawn and dusk when the mist is rolling out or in.  I often wonder if this place could only tell the tales it knows of Indians, Pirates, settlers, wars and family vacations.  This place has seen heartache, tears, death, destruction as well as love, joy, life and recovery all on this ribbon of sand.

The Outer Banks has a very rich history, home to our very first settlers, the Lost Colonists, that came with Sir. Walter Raleigh.  Their settlement wasn’t successfull, nobody really knows what happened to them but they were the first, besides the Indians.  Ocracoke Island was a hideout of Black Beard the Pirate and the place where he was killed.  This area is known as the graveyard of the Atlantic, shipwrecks and lots of them, even some during WWII.  She has seen her fair share of Hurricanes and storms too, many have crippled her and some have left permanent scars but she has risen above it all each time.  Recently hurricane Irene came through and delivered a devastating blow, some areas are worse than others, but the Southern beaches from Pea Island to Ocracoke have a long road to recovery.  The people of these islands are made of true grit and determination, they will pour their blood, sweat and tears into repairing their Islands and they will rise above this tragedy.  But right now they need our help and our prayers.  The news agency’s are not covering their plight, they are focused on Maryland up to Vermont but scarce is any mention of the Outer Banks.  Hatteras Island is without power, phone service, cell phone service and they are trapped on their island, same goes for Ocracoke where today a health dept. official shut down the only restaurant that was feeding people their only hot meal in days.  I don’t know if the red cross is there or not but it doesn’t sound like they are, I know they are in Hatteras serving meals.  So please keep these people in your prayers and I will post some links in the comment section where help can be given.

Goodnight and God bless !