Mind Control: Six Tell-tale Signs of Abusive Church Leaders.

WOW!  I read this a little while ago and is this ever right on the money!! I used to attend an abusive fellowship until God opened my eyes to the truth and I got out of there.  Over the past few years I have heard several ridiculous reasons for our leaving, none of which are true so they would be outright lies!  The most ridiculous one yet though is that my husband wanted to preach and the pastor told him no becuase he didn’t believe in some of the things my husband believed and would not let him in his pulpit.  This could not be further from the truth!  My husband is not a preacher and never asked to preach there or anywhere.  The truth is that this church which I will not name publicly, is an abusive fellowship with cult like tendencies and rampant with false teaching.  There you go folks that is the reason the Baker family left said church.

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Here is an interesting survey you can take as well:  Spiritual Abuse Survey