I read this today on the Solideogloria blog. This was a good explanation of someone trying to understand salvation by grace and what we do afterward.

“Contrary to popular belief, Christianity is not a form of slavery; it is a kind of sonship. Without Jesus Christ, human beings are captivated by sin an enslaved by the rules of primitive religion. But when they come to Christ, they are released from their bondage to become the sons and daughters of God.  From slavery to sonship – this is the message of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. It is the transition the Tuyuca people made when they first encountered that message. The Tuyucas live in the eastern jungles of Colombia, along the border with Brazil. As they worked with the missionary Janet Barnes to translate Galatians, they had trouble understanding salvation by grace. “If all we have to do to be saved is believe,” one of them asked, “well, then what? How do we live after that?”  The answer, the Tuyucans learned, is that Christians live out their faith by obeying the will of God. They do this not because they are slaves who must satisfy their Master, but because they are children who want to please their Father. “I understand now,” said one of the Tuyucans, finally grasping the gospel message of Galatians. “My grandfather said it is better for a son to obey his father out of love than out of fear of being punished. That is how God wants us to obey Him – out of love.”  – Phillip Graham-Ryken from his commentary on Galatians