Lets face it, we’ve all been hurt or offended by something someone at church has said or done to us.  I mean after all we are imperfect people even after Christ saves us.  If we were perfect without faults we would have no need for Christ.  So what should our response be when we are hurt by people?  There are several responses we should have depended on the severity of the offense.

1. First we should take it to God in prayer and ask for his guidance in the matter.

2. If it’s something minor that you can forgive and move on then do so.

3. If it’s something a little more difficult to move on from and forgive quickly you must go to that person lovingly and talk it out. More than likely they didn’t intend to cause offense and may not even know they have offended you.

4. If talking to the person doesn’t give you a resolution then you must talk to your pastor about the offense so he can help you come to a resolution.

God’s word tells us to work things out with our brothers and sisters and to forgive, not once but many times forgive.  Christ forgave a multitude of sins in each of us so we are to follow him in forgiveness lest he withhold forgiveness from us.  I’ve seen people walk away from their church for some of the silliest reasons and this is not a reason to walk away.

Life has handed my family some rather difficult circumstances the last few years and I have missed so much going to church.  I’m hoping to get there this Sunday, I’m praying that God will help me overcome any obstacle in my path to push through and get back to Gods house!  Offense hasn’t been my reason for not being there but if you’ve walked away for offense or because of the cares of this life just get back!  Christians need to be in Gods house with Gods people now more than ever.