Reading list

This is a list of  books that I am reading, have read,  and some that I am planning to read by the end of the summer.  There aren’t very many on this list because in recent years I have read a lot of false or just plain bad “Christian” books.  I could give you a list as long as my leg of books not to read that I wasted a lot of money on that ended up in my fire pit.   Of course at the top of my list is the bible, I mostly use the New King James version and the New American Standard Version and occasionally the King James version.

Books I have read:

How to Bring Your Children to Christ by: Ray Comfort

Another Jesus by: Roger Oakland

For Many Shall Come In My Name by: Ray Yungen

The Truth War: John MacArthur

Hungry For More of Jesus by: David Wilkerson

Prison Letters by: Corrie Ten Boom

Messages of God’s Abundance by: Corrie Ten Boom

In My Father’s House by: Corrie Ten Boom

Books I am Reading:

The Freedom of the Will by: Jonathan Edwards

The Down Grade Controversy by: Charles H.Spurgeon

A Systematic Study Of  Bible Doctrine by: Thomas Paul Simmons

The Hiding Place by: Corrie Ten Boom

Books I plan to Read:

Charismatic Chaos by: John MacArthur

Nothing But The Truth by: John MacArthur

Faith Undone by: Roger Oakland

A Time of Departing by: Ray Yungen

Twelve Ordinary Men by: John MacArthur

The Trail of Blood by: J.M. Carroll
This is a Master list of books compiled by Bud Press of Christian Research Service that are NOT RECOMMENDED by them, it is a great resource to use as a guide of books and Authors to steer clear of.


3 thoughts on “Reading list”

  1. I am way behind on this reading list!

  2. Okay, I have made a little progress this week! I added two books to the “I have read” list but I added a new one to the currently reading list. It might take me a little while to get through “Freedom of the Will” and ” A Systematic Study of Bible Doctrine”, but they are both so good! I also just finished the little Ray Comfort book on how to bring your children to Christ, I wish I would have had that book 18 years ago when I gave birth the first time! It’s a great little book and I recommend it to anyone with children and anyone that is planning to have children, so they can start them off on the right path!

  3. Here is the link to the Master list:

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